BiofuelsOPW offers a wide range of products suitable for use with biofuels, from ethanol to biodiesel. We believe that blue skies, clean air and being green are good business. Through environmentally safe, alternative fueling systems we can have a world of cleaner air, cleaner water and safer fueling environments.


OPW has a complete range of products suitable for use with ethanol blends up to E85. From the fuel drop and inventory management to dispensing, we have the products you need.


Substances in biofuels or growth of bacteria and fungus may increase the static electricity charging in fuel piping and contribute to the occurrence of static discharges in the hazardous areas of the filling station. OPW's conductive KPS Petrol Pipe System will dissipate any static electricity charges before they can become a problem and is the recommended solution for a future-proof piping system on your stations.