Fluid Transfer Solutions

Throughout the world, OPW Engineered Systems has been a global leader in developing loading and coupling systems for the safe and efficient loading and unloading of all types of critical hazardous fluids. Our system designs meet a wide range of needs from the modest demands of drum-filling applications to the high-volume loading and unloading requirements of major chemical and petroleum facilities. OPW Engineered Systems is the brand you can trust for reliability, safety, service and support.


"We are extremely pleased with how the OPW loading system has worked. It's dropped the loading time from five cars in 10 hours to six cars in three-and-a-half hours. The system is also ergonomic for the operators. This really is the only way to load a railcar..."

Dan Thomas
Terminal Manager, NuStar Energy

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Featured Solution

NTS Series Safety Breakaway Coupling

Safety Breakaway Coupling

The NTS Series Safety Breakaway Coupling from OPW represents the best available technology to protect your equipment, your people and the environment.

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