CleanEnergy Applications

Retail Fueling App-CleanEnergy 705

CleanEnergy Products for the Fueling Applications of Today and Tomorrow

OPW is proud to provide industry-leading innovations that help commercial and industrial fueling applications maximize the economical advantages of CNG (compressed natural gas), Hydrogen and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). Designed to accommodate the unique properties of the alternative fuels they are transferring, OPW CleanEnergy solutions deliver superior performance to the expanding CNG, Hydrogen and LPG fueling markets. From CNG nozzles designed for both home- fueling and fleet-fueling needs, to quick-fill, self-service hydrogen fueling nozzles for automobiles, light trucks, vans and buses, to easy-to-use LPG nozzles, OPW’s aboveground CleanEnergy product are leading the way in fueling the future.

Comprehensive CNG Hardware

Through its dedication to continuous innovation, OPW’s CleanEnergy Fueling Products for CNG applications are designed, engineered and manufactured from high-quality components to meet the rigorous demands of self-service, fast-fill and high-flow CNG applications. Offering a comprehensive line of nozzles, in-line breakways, hose assemblies, fittings, valves and filters, OPW’s CNG equipment is built to last, enhance safety and minimize its impact on the environment.

Precision Manufactured Hydrogen Fueling Equipment

Made of durable construction to withstand the harsh environment of hydrogen fueling applications, OPW’s line of CleanEnergy hydrogen fueling equipment is manufactured to exacting engineering specifications so fueling safety and efficiencies are maximized at all times. With re-connectable designs and easy installations, OPW’s hydrogen nozzles (for time-fill, quick-fill and self-service applications), receptacles, in-line break-aways and fittings help to reduce site maintenance costs.

User-Friendly LPG Nozzles and Accessories

OPW's CleanEnergy Autogas Nozzles and accessories for LPG applications deliver convenient fueling to end-users and cost-effective service to LPG site managers. From easy-to-use nozzles that engage with a simple squeeze of the hand to shear valves that minimize damage to both the dispenser and nozzle in the event of vehicle drive-away, OPW's line of LPG fueling hardware features sturdy construction and user-friendly designs.