Piping & Containment Applications

Retail Fueling App-Piping 705

Superior Leak and Spill Protection for Piping and Containment Applications

OPW Fueling Containment Systems, the world's leading manufacturer of petroleum handling equipment, proudly delivers an integrated underground fuel transfer and containment system that brings industry-leading containment protection to fueling operations worldwide.

Designed to provide the highest level of dispensing performance, installation efficiency and containment security, OPW’s FlexWorks flexible piping system delivers cost-effective peace of mind to UST operators. At the heart of FlexWorks is an advanced, flexible piping system that minimizes leak points and can be installed quickly and easily in a variety of configurations. Whether for a pressure system or a suction system, or for a gasoline, diesel, or Av-gas application, all piping connections at the tank and dispensers are enclosed in sumps for superior containment.

Engineered for shallow underground installation, OPW’s patented Flexworks Loop System™ reduces potential problems caused by groundwater forces and provides for easy visual inspection, access to and replacement of under-dispenser components without removal of the dispenser. Utilizing pre-fabricated, factory- assembled components, the Flexworks Loop Systems enables fuel site operators to realized reduced labor requirements and costs, while minimizing the potential for installation errors.

OPW’s FlexWorks polyethylene and fiberglass Dispenser Sumps/Pans, Accessories, Sump Entry Fittings, Test Boots and Tank Sump Mounting Flanges provide added security for liquid-tight connections and containment. OPW’s Fuel Oil and Generator Piping Systems, Pipe Couplings/Fittings and Fire Suppression Systems deliver additional environmental compliance support, while enhancing the safety at your fuel site.